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Throwback of ‘Sunburn Reload’ and Upcoming Music Festival Must-Have List

Basking in the mid of hotfoot city Surat, India, the Suratis vouch for an event never before. The city’s most urbane crowd marshaled at the masterly music event of 'The Sunburn Reloaad'. A sublime music maven of the EDM fam. With the beats gyrating by Shaan, the party go about on-boarding the entire city on it’s sail board and sailed off to a new experience.

Shaan @Sunburn Reload Live
Shaan @Sunburn Reload Live
With a crowd of over 800 to 1000 the music festival bricked the way for massive music lovers in the city and across. The stage was set with confetti, lights, cherry bombs, fire flowers and all ragtime stuffs glittering and glam. 6 pm in the clock and all you can see is the wide throng of bass and speakers on the stage, the sound checks and the party's crew rushing up for final call off.
Sunburn Reload | Surat, IND
Sunburn Reload | Surat, IND
Dawn and this was when the frenzy of hundreds of heart screamed for the man of the show – the DJs to take up the charge of the show. Shaan whizzed up the stage on fire with some of the sans pareil electronic dance music (EDM) tunes, delving the upbeat and low punk in a perfect mash. Love this man, he has a spark, an instant connecting spark for people he spins for.
Then came the nifty man A.K.S.
The Sunburn Reload is making the jump to Delhi, Kolhapur and Indore. The grounds are waiting for their big day. Sunburn Reload sounds really epic!
Sunburn Live
Sunburn Live
Uniting The EDM music love, the Sunburn Reload have the fireworks were brighter, the stage was bigger, and the music was, well the best. But that's always the case at Sunburn. Since the questions are now pouring in about just what are the essentials for this sun downer EDM music party, I thought I'd answer!
1. A small carpet or a shawl to sit on grass. Something like this: 
2. Dress a bit Boho with a big Hat: any flea market
3. Shield your dear eyes: 
4. Stay hydrated! Drink water
5. Elongate your legs with block heels or flatforms: 
6. Shorts, Tees, Shirt or Cover-all: Pick any bright color like I bet on Teal color!
7. Headband, cuff craze, earnings, stole, body chains: I would suggest 
8. Carry all cross body sling bag or a fancy backpack is perfect!
9. A little bit of gold never go wrong - gold dust/ bronzer for your face or a golden imitated jewels
10. Spare the powerbanks guys! You might end up with flat power of your phone.
Share your music festival with me, suggest something that I missed out here. And let loose for the next big music festival EDM party in your city!
What do you say, EDM fans?

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Top 10 Summer Outfit Play | Urban Deck

You never get a second chance to make first impression. It’s that time of the year – the middle season of the year where you look in your closet and genuinely believe there is nothing suitable for the occasion you are asked to show up.

Indian summers are full of life! With weddings, summer breaks, hangouts, picnics, parties and lot more. All the fashion conscious lasses must have piled up or reorganized their closet with cotton dresses, cut-off midis, deniems and palazzo pants. Scroll down for the best hack you can use this summer for almost all occasions:

1.       Wedlock ceremony

So here’s what you can do when you want to embrace summer style, keeping away from those plush work-rich, heavy textured wedding attires.
Fortunately, here is your take:

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2.       Night-out

Skip your LBD or LWD with a cool pant in beige or with white color soft texture. A dashing splash of rare embellished clutch, shrug, or a stunning chunk of jewelry what is so cool and comfy.

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3.       Picnic

As the sun soarches, it’s time to dust off last year’s summer fairs! For a chic and fresh look, go with a palazzo pant and a tank top. You can also go for floral maxi and killer sunglasses. You can jazz up your last year’s sunglasses with artificial plastic flowers and more.

Inspired from pinterest

4.       Hangout

No other outfit is as comfy and cozy as denims! You don’t need to buy a new pair of jeans for yourself since the older ones are much softer and snug perfectly with your curves. A torn jeans with any tee or a top is perfect for your day out with friends.

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5.       Beach bum

Bedazzled slippers, shorts and a cover-up are perfect for the season’s beach time lounge. Get a Tassled or a fringed tote or a handbag and you are a diva forever.

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6.       Formal dining

Tip: Avoid something that you constantly have to fiddle with and adjust because you aren’t used to it. A smart skirt or a well fitted suit will just make the most stylish you.

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7.       Let Loose parties

Flaunt your hair with flair when you choose to celebrate your weekend with your squad of pals. Make an upright bun or a messy bun or a braid. Either way make sure you keep your hairs off your sweet kissable neck ;)

Hair up-do inspiration on Pinterest

8.       Shopping spree

Summer break might inspire you to head out for some street shopping to get inspired. Take care of yourself while you are out in the sun. A good sunscreen, lip moisturizer, sunglasses and a scraf will be just perfect.

Inspired from Pinterest

9.       Daily work wear

Take out all your chino pants and coordinate it with either the top/blouse or with SPF sun block h the shoes you are wearing. Works perfectly!

Chinos for Summer

Use the summer formula when it comes to Makeup – kohl with a matte lips does the trick wonderfully for a woman in action. Dab a right amount of sun block and wear your bright smile to jazz the summer in this ever-so-beautiful city.

10.   Bachelorette party

Girls are gonna be girls! We love to dress up no matter what the season is. Crop tops are really hot this summer 2015. You can style them up or dress them down depending on the occasion. Wear it with a jeans and short – perfect for daytime. Style it with a midi knee long skirt and a lacy crop top look.

Modest is hottest!

Hop on this fashion vogue and clad these modern summer staples to keep you cool, chic and comfy during all the affairs of summer months! 

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Sunday, 10 May 2015


This weekend is going to be a big-time celebration. There is a special date on the calendar that needs to be held in celebration – Mothers Day! 10th May, 2015. To all the mothers out there, this Sunday is all about celebrating you! Tied up with work, family and home leaves no time for charming moms to pamper themselves.
We have put together all the prettiness to exaggerate your beauty. Whether you are going out, hanging out, or pampering yourself with a day of shopping, embrace your day in sensible style.
  1. Dress for Dainty Moms
A flattering long maxi dress for your mom is the perfect go to for weekend brunch with her people! She can look glam, dressy and confident. Gift her a pair of one in a color palettes that suits her charm like a pro.
  1. Grab and go
Mothers are always a working moms! She runs home and work with a pro fist. She deserves a timeless patterned luxe leather handbag that is always a flattering and feminine option for any date night! Pair with any dress and you are just fab to cast a spell!
  1. Soft Slip-on
If she is the big time footwear fan, then a pair of cosy slip-ons are perfect gift idea. Get a slip-on for your supermom. Surprise your mom with this early Mother’s Day present. Pop into your nearby shoe store or head to a flea market to choose the one best for your mum.
  1. Jewelry
A gold might dig a hole, but a here’s a score… pick from contemporary colors or brightly hued enamel necklaces and jewels offered by AVNI. Opt for one that compliments your Mom’s style. She would love to stack them up. Chic and beautiful, all in one.
Handmade jewelry from ‘Avni’ :
  1. Pretty pampered
After a long tiring work there’s nothing better than a hot bath — except, of course, a hot bath enriched with fragrant bath salts. It’s surprisingly easy to prepare your own blend at home and it wrap in the decorative papers and a personalized note for your sweet adorable mommy.
Bath Salt: Limeroad, Jabong
  1. Say it with Spa Treaty
Your mom had spent nine months carrying you and then survived the troubles & tensions of upbringing you what you stand today. A chill-out at spa or a home spa is one of the best and my favorite gift plan for this Mothers Day.
  1. Gifts under 500/-
Here’s a budget-friendly gift ideas:
– Scarfs and stoles: You know it that scarfs and stoles would be the perfect gift when she is your shopping partner. So let’s reward the fashionista with this elegant scarf wrap.
– Flowers: She manages to keep our schedule in place, she is the lady who works on your time. No words can justify our gratitude towards them. A bunch of beautiful flowers will definitely melt her heart on this special occasion.
– Phone Cover case: For all the Tech-queen moms, you deserve the cutest protective case. Pick the one which is available or go for a customized one. They are fun and functional.
– Mugs, Eye masks and Pillows: For the mom with a bit more swag & fun than most, you can opt for quirky coffee mugs, chic & cute eye masks and fluffy pillows look just so ideal.
Read: Urban Deck
Let’s make the day really AWESOME! 

Xo, Jasmin

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Starting a new journey here...

Hello World! 

Growing up in a country like India, vintage fashion is absolutely a big part of my reality. Creativity is always a constant. I was forever building fantasy sets and writing stories, creating pictures and making fluffy cloud tales, crafting, customizing patterns my mom and grandma had treasured and mixing those statements with urban ET.

Then, things started to change. Constantly switching from work to play to party to gatherings was a big time challenge. Struggles worsen when I had to pick one dress which can compliment every part of the day’s happenings. When you have a closet already full of all the essentials, but, your head pops up with I-have-no-clothes-to-wear, then this is where ‘Urban Deck’ comes to rescue! I took to the challenge like a fish to water. I felt this was another opportunity to express myself creatively.

With a sense of reverence and wonder, I started digging in and exploring the varied pieces of attire and mingle up the odd twos to chic twos eventually to save up for little splurges in the contemporary patterns. It was a whole new world I was set on to absorb, comprehend, and deluge myself in. I am loving every bit of it and as soon as I realized that this could do a bit for every urbane, I’ve a plan for my life. And this is ‘Urban Deck’ all about :)

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